implementation; it also offer the related maintenance works within its maintenance center certified by the Ministry of Industry.

           (Electronic security systems – supplies – agencies – maintenance) in an effort to provide high quality services with competitive prices.



         OUR VISION:

           To be a leading company in the field of electronic systems in the Middle East, to provide technical security specialized services and to impress and please all our clients.

         OUR MISSION:

          To provide the Egyptian market with smart solutions and services - in the field of electronic systems - meeting the highest quality standards and to count on specialized

           human resources to offer them with competitive prices in a way that aids to watch out clients’ interests.


           El Delta Electronic Systems adopt four crucial values including few letters but great meanings which are:

                      The teamwork - the community - oriented approach - Innovation and Distinction.

           Teamwork: enforce teamwork and provide the necessary support to achieve the expected goals and results.

          Community-oriented approach: individuals are our great balance; we invest in them and work hard to build up good relationships with all the community members.

          Innovation: innovating smart solutions to meet the clients’ needs.

          Distinction: we won’t be satisfied with what we achieved; we’ll continue to develop and to improve our performance as we believe that distinction competition has no end.